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Shooting last day on Earth in Cava de’ Tirreni. Broad-winged souls disappearing in the sun. Are they flying away?
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBtFWZ3Fvs0&version=3&hl=it_IT]



Director: 3FmPR
Cast: Renato Alberti, Federico Auer, Marica Buquicchio, Francesca Conti, Patrizia Pappalardo, Francesca De Chiara
Camera Operator: Patrizia Pappalardo
Video Editing: Renato Alberti
Live recording

whaoooo… the end of the world

A young girl takes with her all the desires, life and hopes of:
Federico Auer, TO and actor
Francesca De Chiara, social science researcher and protagonist
Patrizia Pappalardo, human TI and director
Francesca Conti, tourism consultant and actress
Renato Alberti, digital art expert and movie technic
Marica Buquicchio, marketing consultant and actress

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About: The Bell Tolls

This is a thirty second video clip, produced by an international team, which illustrates the story of woman frantically writing an email in the knowledge that the world is coming to an end.




The protagonist was portrayed by Melissa.

Script, Camera, Edit: Derval

Animation: Anita

Research: Penny

Sound Design: Rolf

Art Direction: Verena


Hardware: Sony HD Video, Canon

Software: Power Director, Quick Time Plus, Hypersnap





That coffee is to die for



The end of the world could be funny too, couldn’t it? If you don’t believe it, look Robertone setting up his last breakfast before the armageddon.


Video authors are, Halina Bause, Bruno Capezzuoli, Silva Ferretti, Elisa Neri, Alessandro Sabatucci, Vincenzo Torsitano.

Special thanks to our friend Robertone, who’s a picturesque big man working in the hostel “Borgo scacciaventi”.



A last coffee, please

Something wrong is going on in Cava de Tirreni. The streets are empty, the shops are closed. Where are all the people? It’s the end of the world and everybody has decided to spend what little time they have left getting a last coffee.

We wanted to  tell a story you walk through and interact with local people who were very glad to get involved and partecipate in our project.

A video by theKKBBgroup: Elena Spagnesi, Laura Alessandrini, Sergio Militti, Gianmarco Bonavolontà, Francesca Rossi, Eleonora Parisi



With special appearance by Salvatore Iaconesi




Special thanks to 

Caffetteria della Repubblica Lounge Bar and to all the inhabitans of Cava de Tirreni 

About “The last coffee in the universe”

Screenplay/Art Direction/Creative direction: We actually decided how the short movie was gonna be all together, after a quite long brainstorming (it took us about two hours), which also continued while we were filming.

Camera operators: Luigi Ferrara and Ruben Santillàn.

Cast: Daniela Palumbo, Gianluca Frisario, Luigi Ferrara, Mauro Micozzi, Riccardo Schiano and Silvia Nitti.

Video Editing: Gianluca Frisario.

Synopsis: The movie takes place about 50 seconds before the world’s end. It is about a group of friends who eventually become worst enemies fighting for the last coffee in the universe (not knowing it though). The ending is quite a surprise, but after all it would have been the end of the world anyway…

A few backstage pictures:

During the last phases of the “making of”, we were a little late in the delivery, so our “tutors”, Salvatore and Oriana, yelled at us directly from the beautiful terrace of the Ostello Borgo Scacciaventi.

You’re laaaaaaaaate!