About “The last coffee in the universe”

Screenplay/Art Direction/Creative direction: We actually decided how the short movie was gonna be all together, after a quite long brainstorming (it took us about two hours), which also continued while we were filming.

Camera operators: Luigi Ferrara and Ruben Santillàn.

Cast: Daniela Palumbo, Gianluca Frisario, Luigi Ferrara, Mauro Micozzi, Riccardo Schiano and Silvia Nitti.

Video Editing: Gianluca Frisario.

Synopsis: The movie takes place about 50 seconds before the world’s end. It is about a group of friends who eventually become worst enemies fighting for the last coffee in the universe (not knowing it though). The ending is quite a surprise, but after all it would have been the end of the world anyway…

A few backstage pictures:

During the last phases of the “making of”, we were a little late in the delivery, so our “tutors”, Salvatore and Oriana, yelled at us directly from the beautiful terrace of the Ostello Borgo Scacciaventi.

You’re laaaaaaaaate!